New Sanitizer Works on Norovirus, Legionella

The system uses a sodium hypochlorate-based additive to generate hypochlorous acid (HoCl) in water which eliminates 99.9 percent of all known bacteria and viruses.

The HoCl generators are suitable for shipboard sterilization of drinking water, disinfecting beds, restrooms, linen, cleaning of refer containers, refer cargo-holds and decontamination and prevention of Norovirus, Coronaviruses and Legionella.

HoCl can also be added to water used in ice making machines for the fishing industry to ensure a safer product. Since the solution is FDA and EPA approved it can be sprayed on raw food and consumed without rinse off with freshwater.

Traditional chlorination systems can kill a range of pathogenic microbes, however, chlorination has the following disadvantages, says Larsen:

• It taints the water,
• It is not effective against biofilms,
• It is subject to pH effects and other inconsistencies
• It is easily neutralized by organic materials
• It fails to kill cryptosporidium and other protozoa and actually, adds toxic chemical by-products (such as trihalomethanes) to the water in the disinfection process.

HoCl is 300 times more effective than chlorine, says Larsen. It is also more effective than sodium hypochlorite. “The pH neutral HoCl can penetrate cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms whereas the negatively charged hypochlorite ion (OCl) cannot. Besides the neutrality of HoCl, it is much more reactive and is a much stronger disinfectant than OCl as it is split into hydrochloric acid and oxygen. Oxygen is a very powerful disinfectant.”


The Eaquasys- SanClean-GS240 Sanitiser is an industrial-grade, low-maintenance, single-stream system that generates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) within the reply by the use of the electrolysis of salt and water. The system makes use of patented electrolysis cells which may be distinctive in that they generate a gradual HOCl molecule that is electrically neutral and with extreme oxidation potential (800 mV to over 1000 mV), contributing to its effectiveness in the direction of microbial pathogens. On account of it makes use of non-membrane electrolysis, there are no hazardous alkaline residuals, as produced by virtually all competing methods.

Customized-made Arrange

  • Can use an exterior brine tank of any dimension
  • Is perhaps put in with a holding tank and float swap
  • Is perhaps put in with a seamless pressure pump to distribute
  • Can recirculate producing concentrations as a lot as 2000 ppm


Easy installation

 Plug-and-play system

 Limited technical skills required for installation

 Just connect water source and electricity

Easy to use

 Simple digital user interface

 Easily input desired concentration

 Generates on-site and on-demand 24/7


 We offer affordable leasing options for all of the Eaquasys-SanClean electrolyzed water systems

 We save companies on average over 50% on their current costs for chemicals

 Produce electrolyzed water at around 2 cents per 5 litres (cost of water, salt, and electricity)

Safety and Convenience

 Eaquasys-SanClean is all-natural, fully biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-irritant

 Safe for employees. No protective gear required. Safe on eyes and skin

 Eliminate purchasing, transporting, storing, and preparing of toxic chemicals

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